SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire, also known as the Bloodrunners, provides an essential service to our local NHS Hospitals, Air Ambulance Services, Human Donated Milk Banks, hospices, pharmacies and vulnerable patients by transporting urgently needed blood, blood products, patient samples, donated human breast milk, medicine and medical equipment

SERVSC was launched in May 2011 with Ipswich Hospital closely followed by West Suffolk Hospital.  We started delivering to Peterborough City Hospital, Papworth and Hinchingbrooke Hospitals in 2012.

In August 2012, we proudly launched the Donor Baby Milk Service.  This involves the collection and delivery of donated human milk used to support premature babies in the hospital maternity units of Suffolk, Cambridgeshire and, when requested, throughout the UK

In 2019 we were awarded the Queens Award for Voluntary Service.

During 2020, the covid-19 crisis caused our workload to rise significantly so we decided to increase our availability to 24 hours a day, every day and we became a Charity Incorporated Organisation

There are now approximately 130 volunteer motorcyclists and car drivers giving their time and mostly using their own vehicles free of charge to deliver items within hours of a request. There is also duty controller taking the calls and organising the volunteers to get the products to where they need to be.

SERV Suffolk and Cambridgeshire receives no government funding, its costs being met by donations from members of the public, local businesses, charitable grants and awards.

Our Queen's Award for Voluntary Service