Our Complaints Procedure and what we will do

SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire values your support and your feedback. We take your comments seriously. We will listen to what you say, keep you informed about our progress and provide you with a prompt response. We will work hard to resolve problems, correct mistakes and address concerns to your satisfaction.

Feedback and Complaints

SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire is committed to treating members of the public fairly and to respecting the wishes and preferences of our supporters.

Should you have a complaint to make we undertake to

    1. Be responsive when you contact us
    2. Be professional and respectful in our dealings with you
    3. Listen and be engaged
    4. Respect your privacy
    5. Be accessible through different contact channels.

How to Make a Complaint
To make a complaint, click on the contact us link on our website https://servsc.org.uk// or you can email us on info@servsc.org.uk,  or you can write and send it to SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire, Chiltern, Building 3, Funthams Lane, Whittlesey, Peterborough, PE72PB.

Giving as much relevant information as you can, please include the specific  nature of your complaint, any relevant dates or times or location, the name or description of any volunteer, how you think your complaint could be resolved and how you would like to be contacted,


It is the responsibility of the Trustees to ensure complaints receive a response.  We will acknowledge your complaint and provide an initial response to your feedback within 10 working days. Whilst we expect to be able to resolve most complaints within that timeframe, if we need to conduct a more in-depth investigation, we will aim to provide you with a full response within 20 working days.  If we are unable to meet that deadline owing to exceptional circumstances, we will advise you.

Complaints About Our Fundraising Activities

SERV SUFFOLK AND CAMBRIDGESHIRE is registered with the Fundraising Regulator and committed to the principles of the Fundraising Promise and the Fundraising Code of Practice.

If your complaint is about our fundraising activities and ultimately, after going through the process outlined above, we are unable to resolve it to your satisfaction, you can submit your complaint via the Fundraising Regulator website here: http://www.fundraisingregulator.org.uk/complaints/make-complaint

Or by:

Writing to: Fundraising Regulator, 2nd floor, CAN Mezzanine Building, 49-51 East Road, London, N1 6AH, or

Calling – 0300 999 3407,

email:  enquiries@fundraisingregulator.org.uk