Shaun Larkins

As an exile from Yorkshire now living in Suffolk I had used motorcycles as my main transport for a few years before the move to university in Wales meant that a car was far more practical for the two hundred and twenty mile journey. Following a lay off from bikes of almost a decade my wife (yes really) talked me back into biking in 2002. I have owned a few different bikes since then and currently own a trusty Honda CBF1000.

I’d heard about Serv a few years ago and had looked at joining a local group, hoping to be able to help others and support the local NHS. At that time I had been told there was nothing in the Suffolk area.

My wife and I had gone Christmas shopping last December thinking not too much else would happen other than spending far more than anticipated on presents. Then walking across the Cornhill in Ipswich I saw some blokes with motorcycles under a gazebo. So I decided to go and take a look at the bikes and to find out what they were doing. To my surprise they were representing Serv as a group had been set up earlier in 2011. I had a chat with the chaps running the stand and said I was interested in signing up. They then gave me some details about the group and details of who to contact about becoming a volunteer rider

I completed my training in February 2012 and have been appearing in the rota for the Eastern area of the group since, starting off with a call at midnight on my first shift!

Vanessa Wild

My Name is Vanessa Wild (Ness) and I joined SERV December 2011 and feel very proud to be part of making a difference.

I felt very welcomed from all members that I have met and enjoy doing as many blood runs for West area as I can, fitting around Work and personal life.I live in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk and I work as a Nursery Nurse working with children.I enjoy riding my Kawasaki 650 and taking part in ride-outs usually for various charities, also Biker rallies catching up with old friends and making new ones.

I am a blood donor donating blood 3 times a year and I thought it made sense to transport it as well.  I have helped SERV on collection days at various locations 4 times now and enjoyed talking to members of the public about SERV and trying to recruit more volunteers.

Sean Baker

My name is Sean and being a member of SERV gives an immense pleasure to knowing that, as a volunteer, I can make a difference to the well being of those less fortunate and in need of our services, whether it be blood products, human milk or equipment for the hospitals in our area.

I have known about SERV for many years and would have joined a group long ago, but due to residential location this was not possible.SERV Suffolk & Cambridgeshire have now given me this wonderful opportunity to join in, as my location, living close to Cambridge enables me to be on call and within 30 minutes I can be at a collection, delivery or rendezvous point. Primarily the group are motorcyclists that enable them to move through the traffic a lot easier, but I only drive a car and get called upon equally as much.

I work as a crane operator during the day, leaving me free time to volunteer in the evenings and weekends. Married to Samantha who supports me in what I do, especially when getting woken up at 2am for that urgent call.

Knowing you could be saving a life or making a difference is more than worthwhile.

Come and join us.

Brian Hill

My name’s Brian and I’m a 43 year old IT Lecturer from Great Oakley in Essex.  I’ve been riding bikes for about 14 years now and currently have a 600 Bandit.

I joined SERV about 5 months ago because I had heard that they would be delivering donor baby milk between hospitals. This struck a nerve for me as my daughter was in Great Ormond Street 10 years ago and I have seen firsthand how difficult it can be for intensive care units to maintain stock of donor milk and had to regularly resort to formula for babies. Formula is not as good nutritionally for babies and having mother’s milk can make that vital difference.

I always feel a great sense of pride when I put on my SERV hi-viz and go to a  pick up as I know that sometimes what I am transporting could be making the difference between life and death.

Andrew Jackson

I am a teacher in Woodbridge and have been a Triumph fan since buying my first Tiger Cub in 1974.  I currently have three Triumphs in my garage, unfortunately only one works!

I became a member of SERV in February after meeting a group of SERV volunteers raising funds and awareness whilst I was out Christmas shopping in Ipswich.  They all seemed like very nice people doing something worthwhile and I decided to join so that I could combine my love of motorcycling with a charitable activity.

I’m normally on duty four or five times each month and get called out on about 60-70% of those duties.  It is very gratifying to receive the thanks of the staff in the haematology departments when you are making a delivery and to know that you are only being called out because there is someone in need of the blood or blood product that you have just delivered.

Furthermore, it is really a pleasure meeting all the other SERV members, who are, as I suspected when I met them in Ipswich, a very fine bunch.